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Érase una vez en Venezuela, Congo Mirador

Érase una vez en Venezuela, Congo Mirador Sancocho Films

Life in Congo Mirador, a remote place in Venezuela, seems to be woven into a dream that has become a nightmare. Its society founded on stilt houses and coexistence with water built a unique space in the history of sustainable culture. Today it suffers the undeniable effect of climate change and its disastrous advance day by day. Just as the water is abandoning this place, the hope of its inhabitants seems dragged and impossible to recover, after an existence of centuries.

Synopsis: Not long ago, life in Congo Mirador, a floating village a short distance from Lake Maracaibo, was attractive and bohemian. Today it is affected by corruption and climate change, so that its inhabitants are gradually abandoning the town, which is rotting amidst pollution and neglect. There, Mrs. Tamara, representative of the Chavista party in the village, and Natalie, the teacher, opposed to everything that power means nowadays, are still trying to give life to the place. Both women are a reflection of a divided country. The film is a small but prophetic reflection on the current state of Venezuela.

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